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Read Smoke!
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Friday, December 14, 2007

Virgin Island Water, Take Me Away

Morning Divas,

I'm a little groggy. Crashing an article deadline for 12 PM. Unwritten papers looming on the horizon as is the arabic exam next week that will surely be the ruin of my life.

Time for an escape... to the Islands. I'm dreaming of turquoise seas, white sands, sun...and rum.

I can't travel right now, but this scent certainly puts me in this place. Virgin Island Water by Creed. The House of Creed is known world-wide as an elite fragrance dynasty. It has been lead by eight generations of perfumiers and the youngest son created this fragrance to appeal to younger women with a taste for sophistication.

Creed is an androgynous scent... which I'm learning to love because it appeals to men (or your man... or maybe the man you want to be your man) on a subconscious level by using notes they are familiar with.

This scent literally smells like paradise. The base notes are composed of deep and sweet notes of tonkin musk, white rum, and sugar cane. The middle notes are sultry; jasmin, ylang ylang (afro-disiac), and ginger. The coconut in the top notes are strong, but it is balanced with the citrus freshness of lime and mandarin, and the elegance of Bergamot. It contains all of the sexyness of a spicy oriental without being just another sweet spicy oriental. The distinctly island notes (rum, sugar cane, coconut) makes this an exotic scent and the citrus top notes tame it's sweetness and gives it a great wearability.

I also find that black men enjoy the deep fruity scents on us and every man that I've worn this with has commented. My daddy actually purchased this from Neimans for my mom. That's how I discovered it.

You can't bottle Paradise, but this is a close as it gets. Purchase a 4.0 oz bottle here for $187. (worth every penny)

-with flyness and funk,


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