Read Smoke!

Read Smoke!
My latest book, "Smoke: poems of love, longing and ecstasy" is available for purchase on Amazon in e-book and paperback. Click book for link.


"It's not all that easy dating as a fly Black woman. You have these standards... They complicate things."
-A Fly Girl's Tale of Unrequited Love
"Nobody wants to be with a girl that's been passed around like a joint at a rap party."
-Sex: Whose Weakness Is It?

"I wasn't the paying the second musketeer any attention until I heard "... when Gabe was at Harvard."
Suddenly couch stuffing and shards of glass are flying through the air and in the midst of the smoke and debris storm, Betty is doing one hell of a victory dance.
kick bolchange, kick bolchange, potaburre, spin!
Black Cupid was in the house."
- Is He or Isn't He

"The modern woman on the quest for the pervasive 'all' faces a mighty dilemma. In our post-liberation world we have earned the right to eat, drink, and work like any man. We fight wars with men. Many of us even date like men. But we want to have our careers and marry well too. Herein lies the problem. Some men find us too independent, too fast, and too liberated for our own good."
- I'm A Weak Black Woman 

"Perhaps it's not accurate to think that we can fall in love, because then so many of us purposefully walk, shoes untied, hoping to trip ourselves into it. Nope. We don't fall in love. Love falls on us."
-What "27 Dresses" Reminds Me About Love

"Modern culture has cheapened sex, reducing it to a simple physical act of pleasure. Actors reenact it, rappers rap about it, singers sing about it, companies use it to sell you their products. You want to just do it. You want it in 57 varieties, and you want to have it your way. The truth is that unlike diamonds it won’t be forever, it sure as hell won’t be the real thing, and probably won’t even be good to the last drop."
-Sex: Whose Weakness Is It?

"This woman/friend sets herself up to have mobility. She can float in and out of his life as she pleases. With her, his guard is down. His defenses are lowered. She suprises him with a bold move one day and BOOM, sister takes over the whole operation."
-But He Said She's Just A Friend

"Haitian themselves would argue that Haiti has been paying the price for its independence since 1804, by being blacklisted (pun sort of intended) from the global economy. When the French left, so did the rest.Today Haiti depends on international assistance, welfare checks, for bit of economic viability it has."
-Haiti: The Big Payback

"The word in every commentators mouth was “leadership”. How had the coaches failed the athletes? But I think the subliminal message that national audiences may have unintentionally (I think) received was leadership of the presidential kind, and how it might fail the nation. The Blacks dropped the ball. Literally."
 -America's Watching: Don't Drop The Baton