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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Few Pageant Gown Trends

In homage of the return of "pageant season" I've been meaning to compile a few of my favorite gown trends for my fellow pageant gals... The following designs are by Sherri Hill, Tony Bowls, Jovani, Bagdley Mischka, a few others that I may need to add later (as I'm not looking at my list). Anyhow, sequin has made a huge comeback, particular matte sequin ( it looks more expensive). Rachel Smith won Miss USA in a red sequin Sherri Hill creation. Also, it seems that since Zuleyka won Miss Universe 2007 in that fabulous low cut chain mail gown, the popular asset of choice amongst beauty queens has become the cleavage. Both of Crystle Stewarts gowns for the Miss Texas USA and the Miss USA pageant (up on the website now) demonstrate this. Nevertheless, a fabulous split is always scintillating. You just have work with what you've got. I also selected a few chiffon creations, such as the turquoise Bagdley Mischka. These unpageant-like gowns are really emerging as a trend in the Miss Universe system. Their stage appeal is in their great movement and they look best on taller women.

Looking for a gown? Keep these tips in mind:

- Show off your single best asset. If you have legs for days, then a long side split will be stellar. If it's your silhouette then a fabulous sequin sheath would be incredible. It could be your cleavage (but not if you are too top heavy), you shoulders, or even your back.

-Choose a fabric that catches the light. The real reason's why pageant gowns are so expensive is because bead work is so pricey, but the crystals, bugle beads, and sequin that catch the light on the stage are so important because they will make you stand out! Today there are many embellishments and textiles out therethat will reflect the stage light, but this detail is very important.

-Choose a flattering color. This aspect can make or break an evening gown segment. Your complexion should litterally pop when you put on the gown. If you are a woman of color stick with jewel tones, bright pastels, and white.

-Choose a gown that moves well because obviously, you have to walk in it. Splits, free flowing materials, and trains are great features on gowns because they accentuate the woman's walk. Avoid gowns that are so restricting on the legs that you find it difficult to do your best pageant walk. Also, remember that the cut and style of your dress should influence the type of pageant walk you do. While a sultry saunter is fabulous in a shimmering sheath, a ball gown requires a far more straight-forward walk with minimal hip movement.

That's all for now. Tune in to the Miss USA Pageant on Aprill 11th on NBC. Delegate photos and interviews are up on the website now.

Flyness and Funk(y tiaras),

SPOTLIGHT: Marjorie Vincent, "Fantasie-Impromptu" by Frédéric Chopin , Miss America 1991 Talent Competition

Marjorie's piano rendition of this Chopin masterpiece went down as one of the most brilliant talent performances in Miss America history. She also looked incredible! Marjorie Vincent was crowned Miss America this year making her the fourth african-american woman to hold the title. The complete list of Black title holders is as follows:

Vanessa Williams, 1984
Suzette Charles ,1984
Debbye Turner, 1990
Marjorie Vincent, 1991
Kimberly Aiken , 1993
Erica Harold, 2003
Erica Dunlap, 2004