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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Brick House Divas and the Jeans They Wear

Dear Divas,

I stumbled across this pic of B' at the LAX air port in fierce ruby stilletos and a fly jacket but questionable pants. Should Brick House Divas with beautiful curves that just wont quit wear skinny jeans? While the verdict is still out by many, my ruling is no. And I'm mad that trendy-fashion blogs out there written by sistas haven't wrapped the caution tape around this product. The wonderful thing about this for women with a more boxy biuld is that these jeans create the illusion of curvature. However, for women already blessed in that department, these jeans create the illusion of two ice cream cones walking down the street in a pair of stilletos. There is something about the tapering at the bottom of the leg that just ruins the beautiful curvacious line.

Let's look at B' without these contraptions. These boot cut jeans she's wearing here are tight in all the right spots but they still flatter the line of the leg.

Now I know that some of you BHD's may very well own this knew fashion fad... the skinny jeans.

Considering donating them to charity or to your more scrawny friend.

Are you a Brick House Diva shopping for Jeans?
Here are some tips.

Look for things like:

dark and medium-blue rinse (slimming and sophisticated)
sturdy jean fabric with some stretch
some form of a crease down the front and an obvious verticle grain (makes legs look longer)
a straight (trouser cut) or boot cut.. your body will add the curves
waiste that stops an inch before belly button

and avoid:
bleaching or distressing on the thighs or buts
back pocket flaps (too much emphasis on the but)
flimsy jean fabric
Lack of stretch
too much stretch (ewww, they end up looking like denim stretch pants)
jeans that stop right above the but (you'll be flashing people your undies all day. That style is not for us)
Bell bottom cuts and skinny jeans that taper at the bottom (argh)
bulky side pockets (too much emphasis on the hips)
acid wash or really light blues

Fav Brands: DKNY, House of Dereon (ironically), Miss Sixty, The Gap

-with flyness and funk

1 comment:

sheba of queens said...

ok. now, i disagree. i think that black women can definitely rock skinny jeans AND avoid the ice cream cone look- which if anyone was confused, is NOT a good look.

women of the curved kind cannot buy skinny jeans that give both above the knee and below or that don't give (ruffle or runch up) on either end. Since we are generally thick-thighed, most jeans don't give uptop very much at all. This does not mean that we should embrace a tight fit on the calf as well. In order to balance the curve of the hip, thigh and butt we need some give or some ruffling of the jean fabric on the calf. This serves a flare purpose while still being tapered to the ankle.

So thick ladies, do not be afraid of skinny jeans, but BEWARE of the jean with no "give" because i will be giving you the look of fashion horror when i see you on the street.