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Read Smoke!
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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Reflections on my adolescent crush... Congratulations

I may be a fly diva, but I do have a funked up love life. So I'm dedicating this song, "Congratulations" by Vesta Williams to myself. Leave it to facebook to inform me that my very first crush (we're talking seventh grade) is engaged and, from what it sounds like, has a baby on the way. Now truly, tastes change as people mature and yes, he has lost his original appeal... But do we ever really over come our first crush? Possibly not. Anyways, I definitely wish him the best in life. And although, I didn't think it would be me (lol), as Vesta says, I wanted an excuse to go back to the eighties. Please notice the tangerine orange tarot nails and matching lipstick. I love the eighties.

Charlize Theron's Dress in the J'adore commercial

Hey Divas,

Most of you are doing last minute X-Mas shopping, but for those of you spending a little time on FFD today, I thought I'd dwell on the J'adore commercial that, as you all know, I LOVE. I adore the dress Charlize wears. It has amazing movement, the split is sexy, and it just seems to be the right combination of vixen and sophistication.

I've been trying to locate it, but I think it's a custom Dior creation. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I did however locate the inspiration for it. He took artistic cues from a nude on black corsetted creation of Christian Dior in his Fall 2005 haute couture collection. The first picture on shows a model wearing one of the versions of his three mesh cocktail dresses on the runway, to the next is Kate Moss wearing a modified version to the CDFA Awards in 2005. I think I want to have a replica of this fabulous creation made for me. To watch the commercial click here.

flyness and funk,


Friday, December 21, 2007

SPOTLIGHT: Miss Omokorede, the Pushy Mum, Lenny Henry Show

Hillarious, especially that many of us can relate.


Omarosa at the Miss DC USA pageant here, photographed here with Miss DC USA and Miss Teen DC USA 2007.

(Let's make no mistake, brown divas glow in yellow. Why do you think Motions made that the signature color?!?!)

SPOTLIGHT: Miss Omokorede, the Pushy Mum, Lenny Henry Show

FIERCE FILES: Remembering Our History Through Fly Women of Color

Supremes, and friends, 1965 Shamrock Hilton Hotel. Ladies, check out the photo-ready model's t stance. This is how to be poised.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fly Alert: Diane Von Furstenberg Kiami Belted Jacket

Purchase at DIANI for $465. Okay, my date is actually waiting outside but I had to list this. You, fly black pants, stilletos (with the toe cleavage) and this jacket... the talk of the party.

The Tailored Women's Vest

Hey Divas,
It's 3 AM and I'm staring at a heap of books that I really don't want to be reading for the paper that has yet to be written. One day. I haven't eaten all day, so when my friend made a fast food run I tagged along. Right now, my stomach's going... what in the hell??? I don't feel too good.
But I'm not too queasy to blog, especially about the unmistakable sex appeal of a tailored vest. After my arabic exam (a fiercetrocity) I went to J. Crew for some retail therapy, bought a gourmet vanilla cup cake and then my January 2008 issues of Vogue and In Style. The Vogue cover this month looks a hot mess, but Katie looks fierce in this Spring 2008 Christian Dior Suit.
This tailored vest made quite a few appearances on the runway this past season, especially at Dior, and I'm so excited. A style phenomena of the nineties, this vest is sexy in a "I'm wearing my boyfriends button-down" sort of way.
This trend will trickle down, but for now is relatively hard to find. Here's what I scoped:

Patrizia Pepe makes this glorious halter neck vest with diamonte detailing for $148 at YOOX. Pair with dressy, slightly wide-leg pant and be fly.
Bebe is doing a winter-white velveteen racer-back vest available for $98 at the website and it can be paired with the coordinating wide-leg french cuff pant. I see this look with a fierce pair of gold or jeweled tone heels, like this gold weaved "Turban" pump from Stuart Weitzman with matching purse. Add a center piece necklace and a gold cuff. Flyness.

I'm off to sleep.
Flyness and funk,

On Dignity and Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnancy

Morning divas,

I'm sort of strapped for time as I'm doing some last minute studying for an Arabic exam in a few hours. I really want to take it just so that it's over. I'm so done with the semester.

The fly advice for today: Dignity is a woman's most beautiful quality. Really, a woman that can maintain grace and equanimty through out life's most challenging situations is a beautiful woman, inside and out. I hate to witness an angry woman lose her composure, or show signs of desperation. Like ashy blue mascara, it has a way of making her seem much less attractive. So when life throws you a curveball, remember, keep your head up, be calm, and stay beautiful. Afterall, the best revenge is to do well and to look good.

And while we're on the subject of dignity I'd like to address the media sensation of the moment: Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant. Ummm... I'm reluctant to dwell on the obvious, like the fact that her tweenage career as a Nickelodean star is ruined. Or, hasn't she learned from her big sis? And, if her boyfriend is 19, should he be running from the law? I'll let you ponder these realities at your own convenience.

I will address the reality that everyone knows about her predicament. I don't care if you are a celebrity, a 16 year old who becomes an accidental mother is a private, family issue. It should not be up for discussion with the rest of the world. That, divas, is dignity.

The bright side, if you want to stretch it, is that maybe this will be the wake-up call needed for the public school system in America to take sex-education more seriously. I don't see why health teachers can not promote abstinence and condoms. Many teens engage in sexual behavior and the saddest part of that reality is that many of them are not protecting themselves. Decades ago, becoming an unwed teen mother was the biggest fear for sexually active young women. But today sex can give life, and take it away. Our nation needs to increase the dialogue about safer sex practices.

Okay, I'm off to go study.
Flyness and funk,


PS: Here is CNN's fly reporter Lola Ogunnaike reporting on Jaime's pregnancy for those of you who are interested.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

SPOTLIGHT: Janet Jackson, Got Till It's Gone, Velvet Rope

May all fly divas who have ever been broken-hearted raise their glasses. This is song is dedicated to a romance come full-circle. Joni-Mitchell never lies.


Fly Alert: Casadei Leapord Print Slingbacks

On sale for $210 from $420 at Candy Shoes. Fierce with a black skirt or pant suit.

Fly Candy (The Men that Fly Women Adore): Idris Elba

Who is Idris Elba: A television, film and theater actor. Born to Ghanaian and Sierre Leonen parents. Major tv/film credits include Familiy Affairs, a UK soap, The Wire, American Gangster, Daddy's Little Girls, Sometimes in April, and This Christmas. He is also an underground hip-hop soul artist and DJ. He appeared on the cover of Essence magazine's "Hot Hollywood Men" issue in April 2004 and again in Essence's November 2005 "10 Hottest Men on the Planet" issue.

Why we love him: We love Idris because of his ability to smoulder on screen. Whether playing a rolling stone, jazz musician or an intelligent drug kingpin, Idris brings complexity and intrigue to every character. We also love his chocolate skin and rugged good looks. He's sexy in a very masculine way and he just may be positioned to be Black Hollywood's next leading man.

The Wearable Smokey Eye

Morning Divas,

Yes, I pressed snooze one too many times this morning, but the unpleasant medly of construction workers outside my window did the trick. Too bad. For my last two years at Yale, I have not been able to escape living close to a construction site. Wait... why must they start religously at 8 in the morning again? I think 3 PM is a much more agreeable time. But now I'm up, showered, and on my way to get a cup of jamal (it has been my saviour during finals) and cram the work load I should have been doing over the past three days into about 24 hours.

On to more serious matters. I feel like we, as divas committed to looking fabulous every day, should discuss what I call the wearable smoky eye. The smokey eye is an amazing make-up technique empoyed by the likes of show girls and film stars to create the illusion of a large, deep-set, doe eye. Smokey eyes look best on women with large, almond shaped, or slanted eyes. Sometimes they can have an unflattering affect on women with smaller eyes or eyes that are further apart. Be mindful of that. (Pictured here is the divalicious Sheryl Lee Ralph with a sexy smokey eye in shades of brown)

Deep shades of purple, blue, black, and brown help create the smokey illusion on women of color, but for day wear, stick with browns. The first step in creating a smokey eye is getting the right colors. Look for a duo or trio that combine a lighter color (champagne, bone , subdued gold, apricot), with a deep brown, and possibly a medium tone (burgundy, dark green).

Next, you need the right tools. You'll need a large shader brush that is relatively flat with a rounded tip. You'll use this to apply make up to the lid and possibly a slight high light to the arch.

A full angle brush will be used to apply the shadow to crease and blend.

Now here are the steps:

1. Fill in medium shade all over lid and crease. From outer corner to close to where the eye brow begins.

2. Fill in light shade on lid, from tear duct to three quaters of the way in.

3. With angle brush, fill in dark shade from outer corner, along the crease, to just under where the brow begins. And sweep from outer corner along the bottom of lid, three quaters of the way in. It should look like a side ways V.

4. Blend. (You should be followin the v back and forth as you do this. Not side to side.)

5. Line eyes. I use a liquid liner. It's crisp, dramatic, and easy.

6. Use tip of shader brushes rounded tip to sweep a bit of the dark color under the outer 1/2 of the bottom of the eye.
7. Add mascara. Because a smokey eye looks best with long, dramatic lashes.. I use fake lashes in a bottle. Fiber Wig. It's only available at Sephora . It's $22 and wonderful.

And here are some colors that I love: L'oreal HIP Duos in Playful and Dynamic, Clinique color surge eyeshadow duo in coffee shop, Milani Eye Shadow quartet in Sedona Sunset (pictured here) and Revlon's 12 Hour Eye Shadow quartet in Coffee Bean.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fly Alert: Judith Leiber and Anthony David Swarovski Handbags

A woman's purse makes a statement about the kind of life she lives. Classic designer tote with lots of space; a woman with status and a lot of responsibilities. Colorful crochet sack; she's a free spirit. The 'it' bag; the 'it' girl.

What better way than to state your decided preference for luxury and all things fabulous than with a swarovski studded handbag.

This New Years, it's the only way to make your entrance.

Judith Leiber's name is synonomous with this blingtastic bag, and yes, you will pay for her notoriety. Pictured here is "Glisten", available at the Judith Leiber website for $2495.

Anthony David also makes amazing studded bags with all the quality of a leiber, but only a fraction of the price. This Cherry Blossom bag usually retails for $649 but can be purchased on sale for $349 here.


Wait, I thought Dorothy killed the wicked witch of the west. Oh wait...That's just B's lil sis.

Solange, you look crazy!!!

She showed up with this wrinkled, shapeless, tired black dress at the People Magazine Grammy Kick-Off Party. To make matters worse she paired it with these ugly purple tights that remind me of the ones I wore in the fourth grade with my denim skirts and mary janes...ummm, that's when the look was cute.

Solange, this is all wrong. I grant you permission to steal clothes from big sis' closet. Please. America wants you to.


Sharon Leal at the This Christmas Premiere.

SPOTLIGHT: Cece Winans, "Oh Holy Night"

I love that they call her the "crown jewel of gospel".

This Christmas

Morning Divas,

So last night my friend and I saw "This Christmas". This modern day interpretation of "Mama I want to Sing" was suprisingly cute. It had a rich plot and a great cast; Loretta Devine, Sharon Leal, Chris Brown, Regina King, Mekhi Pfeiffer, Idris Elba, that guy from Soul Food... And it really spoke to the importance of family. Friends come and go, but family is the rock.

Now I must say, I adore Sharon Leal. This is like her moment as the 'it' black actress. Dream Girls, Why Did I get Married, and now This Christmas. But she's stunning, multi-talented (she's a singer), and she has this wonderful charisma on the screne.

I didn' t know why little girls went crazy about Chris Brown but now I do. Yeah, he can hold a tune, but more than that, he has presence on par with Little Michael. He really can light up a screne with just his smile. Both of his performances in the movie, Try a Little Tenderness and This Christmas had me bopping my head and grinning.

And finally, thank you Regina King for looking amazing! Regina had two scenes in nothing but bra and panties, a rarity for actresses who are over 35 or size 2. May I just say, Regina's is a Brick House Diva, with beautiful hips and thighs, but she was so toned and fit. She reminded the world how beautiful the Black woman's body is... God's greatest work of art. Thank you Regina!

With flyness and funk,


Monday, December 17, 2007

Fly Alert: Christian Louboutin Very Prive Paillette Platforms (Sequin!)

Sequin in it's finest form yet. I didn't know that Louboutin could get any more fabulous. Don't you dare wear things with something below knee-length. These shoes are for gawking only.

Available for $995 at Net-A-Porter.

The Sequin Stilleto

Christian Louboutin has created an undeniable trend. You may be in city for the holidays, but your feet will be in Vegas baby!

Catch on before it becomes passe.

Here are some other versions.

Donna Karan Sequin Peep-Toe, $750 at DIANI.

Report Signature Sequin Stilletos, $175 at

Betsy Johnson Kye Black Sequin peep toe. On sale for $150 at Zappos.

The Seduction of a Red Dress

Morning Divas,

And an early morning it is. Hitting the gym at 6 AM today, spending a little time in the sauna so that I can "glow on with my baad self", finishing a paper (that's not really started) and meeting my newest guy friend for dinner later this evening. Okay, the latter part of my agenda is what brings me to today's style advice: the Red Dress. As Jay-Z might say... "It's soooo necessary".

When a woman wears red she can't help but evoke confidence, sensuality, and femininity. It is a passionate color that makes a statement whether you want to or not. This is why it must be used sparingly, but when done so with precise elegance (and great accessories) it can make you appear to be the most desirabe woman in the room. I like to call it the Carmen effect.
I never really liked red, but this summer on a whim, I was at the Loehmans in NYC on 73rd and Amsterdam and I found a great red dress. It was knee-length, fitted at the waiste, spagetti strap, and it skimmed my body perfectly. The color, a deep red, like the saturated garnet gem stone was too my suprise, entirely flattering on me.

That evening I wore it out to Duvet with fly silver shoes and it was like I had this crazy magnetic power. Everyone wanted to dance with me. Prowling eyes followed me as I walked through the crowd. And I... I felt this incredible sense of power and intrigue. Like I was this smoldering femme fatale. I ended up hitting it off with a great guy as well.

Damn, this dress was dangerous. I put it away until this past Saturday night. There was a holiday party and I just wasn't feeling my green cocktail dress, nor like wearing a predictable LBD. So I pulled it out. This time I paired it with bejeweled crimson BCBG heels. Well, the magic worked again. The DJ's friend came towards the end to help him pack his equipment. He was gorgeous. I walked past the dj's booth. No, I sauntered. Danced a little. Moved away. Let's just say he followed.
Case in point. Every woman needs a RED DRESS. Keep these tips in mind when purchasing one. First of all the color red is so provocative that the dress needn't have a host of other bells and whistles. It's about sensuality here. Choose a dress that does the best feauture of your body justice. If it's your legs, do a short mini dress like the Jay Godfrey pictured below. If it's your silhouette, the classic Nicole Miller will look stunning. My friend is wearing a version of the Nicole Miller in the picture above. If it's a formal affair, also pay attention to the silhouette the dress creates, and choose a simple, luxurious fabric (not that satiny stuff).

Finally, picking the right color red is essential. If your skin has yellow undertones, you want a warmer red with yellow undertones. These may be deep reds like the jewel-toned garnet red. You may also look good in an orangey tomato red. If your skin has pink or reddish undertones, go for cooler reds, like those that border on the line of berries, and plums in addition to brick red. Choose reds with a blue undertone.

Also, red looks best with metallic accessories. So think metallic strappy's or d'orsay pumps and a sophisticated version of the classic hoop. Red also looks great with pearls. Avoid pairing with black accessories. The two colors are too strong.

Here are some fantastic selections.

Eliza Jay Tiered Dress,, $138.

Jay Godfrey one shoulder mini dress, $450,

Faviana Strapless Dress, $218,

Jill Stuart Bubble Dress, $765,

Jovani Mermaid Dress, $370,

Nicole Miller rouched dress, $275,

Nicole Miller twill key-hole dress, $355,

Sunday, December 16, 2007

She said what??? (The Daily Black Woman Quote)

"The best revenge is to do well and to look good."

Fly Alert: Jill Stuart Trisha Coat

Warning Label: Don't wear if you can't deal with all eyes on you. For die-hard divas only.
Purchase at for $1250.

SPOTLIGHT: J'adore Commercial, Charlize Theron, Marvin Gaye (vocals), 2007

I have no idea what the scent is like, but this may be one of the best Perfume commercials ever created. It stars Charlize Theron.
Oh, and this is Marvin Gaye's "Funky Space Reincarnation" in the background." This commercial is fierce on so many levels.