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Read Smoke!
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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Rolex Ad "Class is Forever"

Hey Divas,

I am bogged down with back up work and I'm miserable. Yes it is a week after the semester's end and yes, I am still writing papers. Fortunately, do the emotional toil I have incurred because of my family crisis my professors are understanding. Anyways, I was taking a break from writing and I decided to flip through the January issue of Vogue. I've had it for two weeks and I've still yet to really go through it. Items of note: a fierce pair of nude Loboutins, a doting profile on Ivanka Trump whom I personally believe to be one of the flyest women on the planet (her low-key status simply adds to her flyness) and this partcularly Rolex ad.

It features 76 year old legendary model Carmen Dell' Orefice with sexy tousled silver hair and a mean kohl-lined eye. The message: "class is forever". Carmen truly has eternal grace. I had to post the ad because this is a mantra for us to live by. Trends fall like perky breasts, but a woman that swears by sophistication, and taking good care of her mind, body, and soul will always be a femme fatale.

Flyness and funk,


Friday, December 28, 2007

New Years Beauty on the Way

Hey Divas,

I'm taking care of some very important business so pardon the lack of posts. Nevertheless, I'll be back tomorrow with a Get-Ready for New Years Beauty to-do list... it's so necessary.

Flyness and funk,

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I love Keisha Cole's glamorous make-over as seen in her latest video "I Remember". Yes, she did it again, another soulful yet raw love ballad. She's got that Mary J. quality. The new hair style works, the dress is phenomenal, love her smokey eye, and we can see she's been in the gym getting pop star svelte.
Okay, not to be picky but if someone can just give her walking lessons or something... She's still lacks grace.


Mary J. Blidge at her album release party December 20th at the Solo Grand in NYC. Sorry PITA, but this white fox on top of winter white ensemble is muy elegante. Get it girl!
... Now if only I could say the same thing for her shoes.


Kiely you look crazy!

Cheetah Girl Kiely one the red carpet of the Spirit of Life Dinner and Awards looking like a witch. This blousy black and white gypsy-goth get-up is completely unflattering to her figure and particularly to her breast. Where is her stylist? Why would you allow a teeny-bopper star to be photographed in this. Let's not influence the tweens with bad taste. Thanks.

Jennifer Lopez you look crazy!

Jenny from the block has a little diva in the oven, but has she lost her mind? She kicked off her tour with Marc Anthony in Vegas in this disco get-up that she borrowed from the costume room of Mamma Mia. There are much more stylish ways to conceal a swollen belly. We excuse her because she is pregnant and subject to mood swings and compromised decision making, but after baby, Jennifer, don't do this again. Thanks.


Beyonce you look crazy!

Okay B', we all know your gorgeous and we love your voluptous S-shaped figure but I vowe to blast every shapely celebrity that wears a skinny jean until the blasphemy stops. Stop endorsing this style to the countless women that look up to you. Way to distort the line of a fabulous leg... Thanks.

She said what??? (The Daily Black Woman Quote)

"There ain't nothing open past midnight except hospitals and legs."
-somebody's old school grandma

SPOTLIGHT: Nat King Cole, The Christmas Song

Because I don't forego the holiday spirit until the second, I present to you one of the flyest men to every walk the earth: Nat King Cole.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Getting Ready For New Years: The Holiday Detox

Hey Divas,

Watching a loved one show promise of recovery was the best Christmas present I could have recieved. This Christmas, I wasn't preoccupied with gifts, visiting, or eating until the 'itis had me layed out on the couch.... I just wanted relish in the joy of having my amazing family beside me. It was a special holiday.

Nevertheless I did manage to eat a fair share of cookies, mom's cranberry stuffing, cake, pie, yams, turkey.... ummm, this list continues for a minute. On top of all this, I am contemplating a skin tight black number for New Years. So I need to get it together.

Not a fan of crash dieting but ocassionally our bodies do need a detox. The best way to deal with a holiday's binge is to one, not feel giulty because life's too short for all of that, and two, resume your normal eating pattern the next day. Don't try to starve yourself out of a little end-of-the-year pudge. The hidden benefit of a large holiday meal is that it actually jump starts your metabolism, and by starving yourself you'll lose that momentum, slighting your body's ability to burn calories. Rather eat 4-5 small meals through out the day and drink a ridiculous amount of water. If your trying to cleanse the system I would stick with fruits, vegetables, and fruit juices, like "Super Food" smoothie by Odwalla, a low-calorie, balanced blend of fruit juices and grains.

I will also down about three cups of jamal per day. It stimulates the metabolism, curbes your appetite, and errr ummm, keeps you regular. If you enoyed the holiday with spirt (i.e. alcohol) try teas made with rooibos, an african red bush with amazing detox properties. I suggest "Get Gorgeous" by The Republic of Tea. Also, in the begging of the day combine room temperature water, three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a little bit of honey together. Apple cider vinegar stimulates the metabolism and helps the body detox.

Tomorrow I'll also be starting the day out with excercise. I like to run about three miles each morning, but if you're not into running a brisk walk or even a round of Tae-Bo are good cardio routines to get you together for New Years. Pump some work-out tunes on the ipod like Real Love by Mary J. Blidge or Together Again by Janet Jackson and get that body back into fly shape for the start of the year.

Flyness and funk (-y bodies)


SPOTLIGHT: Mahalia Jackson, Silent Night

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Pleasure Principle Scents

Evening Divas,

This evening I'm munching on mom's gingerbread cookies and spagetti, listening to the sugary laughter of my neice and nephews as they run around. However, yesterday took a major emotional toll on me. Tragedy begets maturation; taking people, life, and opportunity for granted is truly a mark of youth. I'm a week from my 22nd birthday, and watching a loved one fight for their life is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Honestly, I became an adult last night. It is one thing to be mature, or knowledgable or even sophisticated but shedding the narcissm of youth is the hallmark of adulthood.

Nevertheless, feeling undone, my friend and I decided to catch the last hour of a holiday party at a lounge in my town. It was horrible. Well, the ambiance was cute, but the crowd was much too large and a bit uncouth for my tastes. It wasn't my scene. People I haven't seen since high school feeling themselves, young girls trying to front as grown, sexy girls trying... too hard, and other disdainful fiercetrocities. It didn't help me in my time of grief.

But Ash and I looked cute. We wore similar knee length, embellished, chiffon dresses. Her's was aqua blue and mine was saphire. I love my BFF.

I also wanted to tell you about my latest fragrance find. Last night I wore a roll-on essential oil by Pleasure Principle, a line of bath, body, and erotic products for women. It's run by a fly woman of color out of Connecticut, who is an entrepreneur, attorney, author,wife and mother. Last night I wore "Night Star", a fragrance of juicy strawberries with a hint of musk. It's naughty and nice. The scents are artfully designed by Rayna, Pleasure Principle founder and CEO, and are all sophisticated, complex, and ravenously seductive. Other popular scents include "Come", "Day dream", "Naked", "Bump n' Grind" and "Desire". Wear these to conjure your passionate, sensual side or to entice your man. Hey, it's a great way to seduce him and with your clothes on. (hehehehe) But seriously. You'll turn heads.
The essential oils, made of grapeseed, rice bran and sunflower oils are sold in larger sizes as excellent daily moisturizers. Find out more or purchase here.

Flyness, funk, and fa la-la-la-la,


Sunday, December 23, 2007


Hey Divas,

I hope you are all enjoying your families over the holiday. I will be taking a break until the 26th but please enjoy the numerous posts that are already up; SPOTLIGHTS, FLY ALERTS, FIERCE, FIERCETROCITIES, etc. 

Oh, and cherish the day.

flyness and funk,