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Monday, December 10, 2007

The Perfect Five- Minute Face

Hey Diva's,

It is very possible to look polished with five-minutes or less of make up application every morning. My friends often ask how long I spend on hair and make up in the morning and are shocked to find out that it is always less than ten minutes.

So this morning, just for you, I decided to document the process.

It's really all made possible by creme-to-powder foundation. This morning I used the product by Black Radiance but I have also used Revlon's version, and it also nice. Above is my blank face wearing nothing but the coconut oil that I use every day. You will see darkness above my eyes and just above my lip. (Wait, I actually just look a hot mess, but that's what the make up is for, and I sort of chose a really bad before pic on purpose.)

I apply the foundation, gently, with my fingers under my eye, over my lips, and on any other blemishes I have. It blends right in. Afterwards I dust MAC studio fix pressed powder over my face with either a kabuki brush or a powder puff for fuller coverage.

Then I work on my eyes. I fill in my brows with a dark brown shadow and an angle brush. The brush is by MAC and the shadow that I used is L'oreal Deep Mocha. Side note, my eye brows are naturally very full so I don't allow anyone to make them thin. I keep the fullness and I keep a clean, high arch. Each morning I use the angle brush to create a dramatic, lush brow. When it comes to brows, please do get rid of excess hair, but try to work with your natural shape.

After that I apply liquid eye liner, as close as possile to the lash line and I extend just a little bit out. I start the line at about three quaters into my eye lid. Then a coat of mascara. I love Fiber Wig Mascara. The products calls itself "paint on false eyelashes" and it does produce dramatic results. Purhase at Sephora.

The penultimate step is a sweep of blush across my cheeks. In winter I like the deeper blushes. This morning I used Revlon's Hint of Ruby. I also like Fever by MAC. Finally I line my lips with MAC's chestnut pencil, I added a coat of Matte lipstick in Manhattan by Milani and to accentuate the pout I added a gloss to the center of my lips. It is MAC's Sinnamon.

Do you have an extra minute or two? Try light contouring to bring dimension to your face and to enhance the appearance of your bone structure.

First I start with Milani's soft sand loose powder and a the back side of a make-up wedge (the square part). When highlighting, choose a slightly golden toned shade of brown and always go for a loose powder. It blends well and gives more natural results. I dip the sponge into the pot and tap of the excess. Then I press color onto my cheeks, the bride of my nose, the center of my forhead, my chin, and the bottom of my jaw line.

Next, with a contour brush, I use Milani's pressed powder in Ginger and I sweep over the hollows of my cheeks, the side of my nose, under my lip, and the side of my hair line.

Finally I take a large powder brush and I blend well! And I'm done.

More make up tips to come. If you have a specific question feel free to leave them in the comments area.

With flyness and funk,


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