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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Wedding Dress of the Week

By the Vineyard Collection, this Silk Taffeta ballgown is the "All American" wedding dress. "Sophia" is for the woman who feels just as beautiful in tennis shoes, a pony tail, and a dab of nude lip gloss as she would be in a couture gown. She believes in casual elegance. A beauty that is quiet, and without fuss. The ruched waste and deep v-neck is simple and flattering to many body types. The fabric is crisp and beautiful without the bells and whistles of beading or lace, and there are pockets! How cool! It moves with ease and requires minimal jewelry and make up. I see this dress in a Spring Garden or stirring in the wind on Martha's Vineyard. It is moderately priced between 1500 and 3000.

Fly Alert:Matte Jersey One Shoulder Gown with White Satin Bow

I saw this dress at a black tie event and couldn't take my eyes off of it. In fact, no one could. It was the most memorable dress of the evening. The bodice hugs the silhouette beatifully and the bow frames the face in white. You can't tell, but there is a rhinestone detailing on the bow that is gorgeous. Needless to say, I entered every google term I could think of until I found this show-stopping dress. What's best? You can be the belle of the ball for only $198! This is a great investment for any diva's wardrobe. Purchase here.

Girlfriends' Creator Releases Statement on its Cancellation

Mara Brock Akil, creator and executive producer of The CW's "Girlfriend," released a statement today regarding the series' abrupt cancellation this week. Fans were outraged that the eight-year-old series did not have a proper finale episode.

"Although it's always difficult to say goodbye, I choose to focus my energy on the history that Girlfriends has made, the human stories that we told, the beautifully complex images that we projected and the blessings 172 episodes bestowed on us, both personally and professionally," Akil said."I am immensely thankful to the amazingly talented cast, writers, directors, staff and crew for their endless dedication and hard work for eight seasons, to the network that always wanted us and the studio that always supported us, but mostly to the audience, especially African-American women, who took the time to tune into us every Monday night at nine to have a dialogue with us and who have been our partner in this journey. I am currently in talks with the studio and network on putting together a retrospective show which will honor and celebrate this landmark series, so please stay tuned."

Girlfriends, said to be the Black "Sex and the City" was witty, provacative, and one of the few shows willing to portray women of color in a positive light. It will be missed by many and we can only hope that another sitcom will emerge in its place. Reality TV has bared a catastrophic effect on the reputation of the Black female in the eye of the world. "Flavor of Love", "Charm School", and more have gone out of their way to make the Black female archetype hyper-sexualized, abrasive, and crude. In fact there is nothing reality about it. We must thank Girl Friends for telling a story of four women that conveyed realities to which many Black women really do relate.

On a final note, Toni Child's exit was really when the show jumped ship. I loved her character and honestly related to her the most. However, I thought Keesha Sharpe was a wonderful and beautiful actress and she ultimately added to the show, not as a replacemnt of course, in lieu of Toni's exit. I wish her and the entire cast of Girlfriends the best.

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Beyonce to portray Etta James in Movie

Beyonce ("Dreamgirls") is big screen bound to portray legendary blues singer Etta James in "Cadillac Records." She will also serve as one of the movie's executive producers. Jeffrey Wright, Cedric the Entertainer, and Columbus Short also star in the film.


Thursday, February 28, 2008


Toni Braxton, you look crazy!
Toni appeared on the red carpet at the Woman's Day Red Dress Art in this pop-art tragedy. Andy Warhol is turning in his grave. He never meant for this to happen. Don't you know that when you're a has-been these red carpet appearances are crucial? You can't afford to be looking CRAZY in the press. Please take some time to clear your head and re-evaluate your image. Thanks.

Kelly Rowland, you look crazy!!!
I'm sorry, some people weren't meant to be solo artists. I'm not impressed with her sound or her material and to make matters worse, she has proven that in her desperation for attention she will abandon all levels of dignity. This is the fallen songstress at a London club performing in some peacock/call girl get-up. Kelly, your back side is your business. Flashing it won't sell more cd's. Now go home and say a prayer. Thanks.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

St. John Knits Spring 2008 Evening

St. John didn't wow me with this season's couture or classic collection. It wasn't bad, just more of the same. The knit cotourier has evolved into being a wardrobe staple of the affluent women with classic, modest and sophisticated tastes. With that said, the label maybe suffering an identity crisis.
Over the past few years there has been a somewhat obvious attempt to attract a younger, trendier, monied crowd by injecting high-fashion into the usual frame work of business seperates and demure knee-length dresses. They also chose Angelina Jolie as a spokes model. Admittedly some of their creations were quite pleasing to my younger sensitivities; short shift dresses in elegant silver beaded knit, diaphanous fabrics paired with tweedy knit, sexy tapered blazers cuffed in butter leather. But I wondered, how long can they keep this up?

While flirting with the mainstream may yield an immaculate creation, or few, it deters from what has made St. John a classic over the years and the reason why my mother has constructed an entirely new wardrobe just to house her enormous collection. St. John sticks with simple lines that flatter most body-types and age groups (though one must be fit to don the knit!) and plays with the details such as color, beading, exquisite buttons and metal belts. St. John is interchangeable. You can wear the red jacket from Fall 2007 with the black kick pleat skirt from Fall 2002 and look fabulous. It is a wardrobe, that like a woman, grows better with time. And St. John is ever appropriate. For business, it says "established". For after-five, is says classy and timeless. For evening it says decadent elegance. Expensive yes, but worth every penny.

Somethings need not be trendy. Everyone wants to cater to the young. Young people are so fickle. Why not cater to the wise?
Just like the floriental trend in perfumes... Houses responsible for perfume classics such as House of Guerlain, Dior, and Chanel preoccupy themselves with keeping up with the young... catering to their whims of sex and instant gratification. Perfumes that say come hither at first whiff. Well I like perfumes that were made in the seventies and eighties, and even in first 30 years of the 20th century, perfumes you may find on your mother's and your grandmother's vanity. These perfumes are complex. They tell stories of seduction. They begin aloof and warm up into a sensual honied dry down. They don't announce their intentions to attract. They insinuate. They plant haunting seeds of love. They mystify those in the wearer's path. It is this sort of clever restraint, the kind that is timeless, but not necessarily en vogue, that only a wise woman knows.

A classic St. John piece maintains this restraint. It is feminine, sophisticated, and while it may not flag attention from across the room, up-close the exquisite detailing speaks volumes about its wearers refined pallette. It is much like a classic perfume. There is no need tampering with original ingredients or re-issuing the "light" version for the younger generation (Yes, Shalimar, I'm talking to you!).

And with that said, I believe that St. John may be, slowly, returning to its roots. Having dallied in the fickle high-fashion, it has retained a daring silhoutte or two, but is settling back to its glamorous, classic roots. Thank you St. John. It is what your core consumers want. Let us twenty-somethings wait to wear St. John (though, thanks to mom, I had my own cotoure piece at age 21.... sort of a rite of passage). Let it be a priviledge.

This year's evening collection speaks to the points I have made. Clean lines. Vibrant glamour. Glorious details. It is reminiscent of late seventies Halston designs. Bold. Sexy. Elegant. Demure. Here are a few of my favorite pieces. To purchase, visit a flagship store near you or visit the website.
-flyness and funk,

Monday, February 25, 2008

Wedding Dress of the Week: Ines De Santo 'Rohmy'

Afternoon Divas,
Admittedly I was looking for a dress that was decidely wintry in design, as this is the last week in February, but when I stumbled upon this master piece by Ines de Santo, I knew it had to be features. For the bride that wants to pay homage to her hour glass, this is the dress. The sculpted structure is impeccable and the tiering on the bottom half is a unique design element. This is a memorable dress suitable for any time of the year. Perhaps in winter it can be worn with a white fur stoal! This dress is moderately priced between $1500 and $3000.
flyness and funk,

SPOTLIGHT: Miles Davis, Human Nature, 1991

The birth of cool... man, this cat is untouchable. The way he stands on the stage is even fly.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fly Alert: Nine West Olavera Sandle

And for you shoe lovers looking to be a bit more easy on the pocket, or the foot... This 4 inch gold sandle by Nine West is essentially a design replica of the Gucci. In fact, it may even be more flattering on shorter women because the top band hits the leg mid ankle. Thanks Nine West! The best thing... It retails for only $89. Purchase here.

Fly Alert: Gucci Sevigny High Heel Sandal

In case you missed this ultra-sleek, super sexy black patent 4 1/2 inch Gucci stilleto stealing the spotlight from the lithe model in the omnipresent glossy ad (back cover Vogue and Elle, inside cover In Style Spring Issues)... I want to inform you. This shoe is fierce. Fierce on top of fierce. The clean, geometric design is new. It's the bold, unstrappy sandle, with an audacious heel that will help its wearer reach new heights, literally, in style. This will usher in a new, though possibly short lived era, of sandle design. I love that the ankle strap hugs the ankle right at the top so that it won't truncate the leg. Available at Saks (pre-order) for $695.

SPOTLIGHT: Terry McMillan, Interview, 2006 (reveals that waiting to exhale sequel in works)

Best selling novelists speaks candidly about her writers voice and writing as a form of renewal. She reveals that she is currently writing a sequel to the legendary "Waiting to Exhale". I can't wait!