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Friday, August 22, 2008

Sen. Biden, Obama Pick for VP

I'm going to give myself some dap because I called it. Did you? Senator Joe Biden of Delaware is Obama's running mate. The campaigned formally announced very early Saturday morning. I think his lengthy interim in the senate, his foreign policy experience and his Scranton, PA working class roots make him an asset to the Obama platform. He has the qualities that Obama's opponents argue that the presidential hopeful lacks, and then some. Biden is an excellent orator, candid and quite charming (though clearly Obama is not hurting in that department) .

Many will be dissapointed that Hillary is not the running mate, but that prospect was a charade. I doubt she was ever taken into serious consideration. It was ideal, not practical. It would have made him appear weak(er), disengenous, and really, who wants to lead with Bill in the house??? (All that saxaphone playing in the wee hours of the night) The argument is that her 18 million votes will defect if he does not choose her as VP, but let us not assume that this is a solid voting block. Some of those 18 million will choose Obama in the absence of Hillary because they are party loyalists (or they're tired of biking to work). Some of those 18 million will defect. Some will sit at home and pout, and some of those 18 million were probably Republicans to begin with. As far as exact figures go, who knows, but I think Dems can be optimistic. If there is one thing playing directly into their hands, it's the economy. I do consider an excellent choice for Cabinet and if he shall lose... count on seeing Sen. Clinton in 2012. Let's be real.

But for now, I'm ready to sit back and see how the networks spin this. With the DNC coming up it should be an eventful week.

PS: McCain's choice, if he was smart, would be a woman and if he was really smart... would be Condi Rice.



john marzan said...

you are definitely right about condi. if she joins and they win, we may see rice run for prez in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Won't happen...too much baggage...not married, no children, best friend is gay, pro-choice, Bush, Bush, and Bush.