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Read Smoke!
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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This Christmas

Morning Divas,

So last night my friend and I saw "This Christmas". This modern day interpretation of "Mama I want to Sing" was suprisingly cute. It had a rich plot and a great cast; Loretta Devine, Sharon Leal, Chris Brown, Regina King, Mekhi Pfeiffer, Idris Elba, that guy from Soul Food... And it really spoke to the importance of family. Friends come and go, but family is the rock.

Now I must say, I adore Sharon Leal. This is like her moment as the 'it' black actress. Dream Girls, Why Did I get Married, and now This Christmas. But she's stunning, multi-talented (she's a singer), and she has this wonderful charisma on the screne.

I didn' t know why little girls went crazy about Chris Brown but now I do. Yeah, he can hold a tune, but more than that, he has presence on par with Little Michael. He really can light up a screne with just his smile. Both of his performances in the movie, Try a Little Tenderness and This Christmas had me bopping my head and grinning.

And finally, thank you Regina King for looking amazing! Regina had two scenes in nothing but bra and panties, a rarity for actresses who are over 35 or size 2. May I just say, Regina's is a Brick House Diva, with beautiful hips and thighs, but she was so toned and fit. She reminded the world how beautiful the Black woman's body is... God's greatest work of art. Thank you Regina!

With flyness and funk,


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