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Read Smoke!
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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fly Candy (The Men that Fly Women Adore): Idris Elba

Who is Idris Elba: A television, film and theater actor. Born to Ghanaian and Sierre Leonen parents. Major tv/film credits include Familiy Affairs, a UK soap, The Wire, American Gangster, Daddy's Little Girls, Sometimes in April, and This Christmas. He is also an underground hip-hop soul artist and DJ. He appeared on the cover of Essence magazine's "Hot Hollywood Men" issue in April 2004 and again in Essence's November 2005 "10 Hottest Men on the Planet" issue.

Why we love him: We love Idris because of his ability to smoulder on screen. Whether playing a rolling stone, jazz musician or an intelligent drug kingpin, Idris brings complexity and intrigue to every character. We also love his chocolate skin and rugged good looks. He's sexy in a very masculine way and he just may be positioned to be Black Hollywood's next leading man.

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