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Monday, December 17, 2007

The Seduction of a Red Dress

Morning Divas,

And an early morning it is. Hitting the gym at 6 AM today, spending a little time in the sauna so that I can "glow on with my baad self", finishing a paper (that's not really started) and meeting my newest guy friend for dinner later this evening. Okay, the latter part of my agenda is what brings me to today's style advice: the Red Dress. As Jay-Z might say... "It's soooo necessary".

When a woman wears red she can't help but evoke confidence, sensuality, and femininity. It is a passionate color that makes a statement whether you want to or not. This is why it must be used sparingly, but when done so with precise elegance (and great accessories) it can make you appear to be the most desirabe woman in the room. I like to call it the Carmen effect.
I never really liked red, but this summer on a whim, I was at the Loehmans in NYC on 73rd and Amsterdam and I found a great red dress. It was knee-length, fitted at the waiste, spagetti strap, and it skimmed my body perfectly. The color, a deep red, like the saturated garnet gem stone was too my suprise, entirely flattering on me.

That evening I wore it out to Duvet with fly silver shoes and it was like I had this crazy magnetic power. Everyone wanted to dance with me. Prowling eyes followed me as I walked through the crowd. And I... I felt this incredible sense of power and intrigue. Like I was this smoldering femme fatale. I ended up hitting it off with a great guy as well.

Damn, this dress was dangerous. I put it away until this past Saturday night. There was a holiday party and I just wasn't feeling my green cocktail dress, nor like wearing a predictable LBD. So I pulled it out. This time I paired it with bejeweled crimson BCBG heels. Well, the magic worked again. The DJ's friend came towards the end to help him pack his equipment. He was gorgeous. I walked past the dj's booth. No, I sauntered. Danced a little. Moved away. Let's just say he followed.
Case in point. Every woman needs a RED DRESS. Keep these tips in mind when purchasing one. First of all the color red is so provocative that the dress needn't have a host of other bells and whistles. It's about sensuality here. Choose a dress that does the best feauture of your body justice. If it's your legs, do a short mini dress like the Jay Godfrey pictured below. If it's your silhouette, the classic Nicole Miller will look stunning. My friend is wearing a version of the Nicole Miller in the picture above. If it's a formal affair, also pay attention to the silhouette the dress creates, and choose a simple, luxurious fabric (not that satiny stuff).

Finally, picking the right color red is essential. If your skin has yellow undertones, you want a warmer red with yellow undertones. These may be deep reds like the jewel-toned garnet red. You may also look good in an orangey tomato red. If your skin has pink or reddish undertones, go for cooler reds, like those that border on the line of berries, and plums in addition to brick red. Choose reds with a blue undertone.

Also, red looks best with metallic accessories. So think metallic strappy's or d'orsay pumps and a sophisticated version of the classic hoop. Red also looks great with pearls. Avoid pairing with black accessories. The two colors are too strong.

Here are some fantastic selections.

Eliza Jay Tiered Dress,, $138.

Jay Godfrey one shoulder mini dress, $450,

Faviana Strapless Dress, $218,

Jill Stuart Bubble Dress, $765,

Jovani Mermaid Dress, $370,

Nicole Miller rouched dress, $275,

Nicole Miller twill key-hole dress, $355,

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Ayo said...

Please believe I will be buying a red dress over break...

Thanks for the suggestions! Nicole Miller is fly...