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Read Smoke!
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Monday, December 24, 2007

Pleasure Principle Scents

Evening Divas,

This evening I'm munching on mom's gingerbread cookies and spagetti, listening to the sugary laughter of my neice and nephews as they run around. However, yesterday took a major emotional toll on me. Tragedy begets maturation; taking people, life, and opportunity for granted is truly a mark of youth. I'm a week from my 22nd birthday, and watching a loved one fight for their life is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Honestly, I became an adult last night. It is one thing to be mature, or knowledgable or even sophisticated but shedding the narcissm of youth is the hallmark of adulthood.

Nevertheless, feeling undone, my friend and I decided to catch the last hour of a holiday party at a lounge in my town. It was horrible. Well, the ambiance was cute, but the crowd was much too large and a bit uncouth for my tastes. It wasn't my scene. People I haven't seen since high school feeling themselves, young girls trying to front as grown, sexy girls trying... too hard, and other disdainful fiercetrocities. It didn't help me in my time of grief.

But Ash and I looked cute. We wore similar knee length, embellished, chiffon dresses. Her's was aqua blue and mine was saphire. I love my BFF.

I also wanted to tell you about my latest fragrance find. Last night I wore a roll-on essential oil by Pleasure Principle, a line of bath, body, and erotic products for women. It's run by a fly woman of color out of Connecticut, who is an entrepreneur, attorney, author,wife and mother. Last night I wore "Night Star", a fragrance of juicy strawberries with a hint of musk. It's naughty and nice. The scents are artfully designed by Rayna, Pleasure Principle founder and CEO, and are all sophisticated, complex, and ravenously seductive. Other popular scents include "Come", "Day dream", "Naked", "Bump n' Grind" and "Desire". Wear these to conjure your passionate, sensual side or to entice your man. Hey, it's a great way to seduce him and with your clothes on. (hehehehe) But seriously. You'll turn heads.
The essential oils, made of grapeseed, rice bran and sunflower oils are sold in larger sizes as excellent daily moisturizers. Find out more or purchase here.

Flyness, funk, and fa la-la-la-la,


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