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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Getting Ready For New Years: The Holiday Detox

Hey Divas,

Watching a loved one show promise of recovery was the best Christmas present I could have recieved. This Christmas, I wasn't preoccupied with gifts, visiting, or eating until the 'itis had me layed out on the couch.... I just wanted relish in the joy of having my amazing family beside me. It was a special holiday.

Nevertheless I did manage to eat a fair share of cookies, mom's cranberry stuffing, cake, pie, yams, turkey.... ummm, this list continues for a minute. On top of all this, I am contemplating a skin tight black number for New Years. So I need to get it together.

Not a fan of crash dieting but ocassionally our bodies do need a detox. The best way to deal with a holiday's binge is to one, not feel giulty because life's too short for all of that, and two, resume your normal eating pattern the next day. Don't try to starve yourself out of a little end-of-the-year pudge. The hidden benefit of a large holiday meal is that it actually jump starts your metabolism, and by starving yourself you'll lose that momentum, slighting your body's ability to burn calories. Rather eat 4-5 small meals through out the day and drink a ridiculous amount of water. If your trying to cleanse the system I would stick with fruits, vegetables, and fruit juices, like "Super Food" smoothie by Odwalla, a low-calorie, balanced blend of fruit juices and grains.

I will also down about three cups of jamal per day. It stimulates the metabolism, curbes your appetite, and errr ummm, keeps you regular. If you enoyed the holiday with spirt (i.e. alcohol) try teas made with rooibos, an african red bush with amazing detox properties. I suggest "Get Gorgeous" by The Republic of Tea. Also, in the begging of the day combine room temperature water, three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a little bit of honey together. Apple cider vinegar stimulates the metabolism and helps the body detox.

Tomorrow I'll also be starting the day out with excercise. I like to run about three miles each morning, but if you're not into running a brisk walk or even a round of Tae-Bo are good cardio routines to get you together for New Years. Pump some work-out tunes on the ipod like Real Love by Mary J. Blidge or Together Again by Janet Jackson and get that body back into fly shape for the start of the year.

Flyness and funk (-y bodies)


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