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Read Smoke!
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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Yassir Scarf

For anyone who has ever questioned fashions propensity to reflect greater political and social phenomena, please examine the latest fad to hit the city streets: the Yassir Arafat Scarf (this is my friends name for it). America is wrapped in Middle Eastern geopolitical conflict and young Americans have wrapped themselves in the traditional Middle Eastern 'kifayya'. The scarf has replaced the pretty pashmina and the classic burberry as the new 'it' scarf in metropolitan streets. I think its a subtle way that hip twenty-somethings are expressing their consciousness and dissaproval of war. The scarf is a fad but also a political statement, whether intentional or not. It says let's embrace rather than destruct. Anyways I love it. These can be found for five dollars (just like pashminas) on the street corners of NYC.

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