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Saturday, December 8, 2007

The 'O' Factor in Iowa

Oprah publically endorsed Obama today in a rousing speech delivered before a packed auditorium in Iowa. Literally, she tranformed from entertainment mogul to political power player before our eyes. Iowa is a key state in the democratic party primaries and until this evening, Sen. Hillary Clinton hovered above Obama in the Iowan polls. To make matters worse for the Obama camp, lately news networks havebeen providing scant coverage of his campaign, making it appear that he is slowly falling out of national favor against his political rival. Accordingly Obama went for his trump card. Oprah.

Oprah, a woman that literally holds "America" (not just White or Black America) by its heart strings has traditionally shied away from politics. "I only have an hour," she said during her speech this evening as she explained her reluctance to interview polticians on her day-time talk show. "That's not enough time to lift the political vail." Nevertheless, from the early stages of the Obama campaign Oprah has demonstrated her willingness to use her celebrity and astonishing national influence to help the Illinoise senator inch toward victory.

It is a daring move on her part considering that many will be annoyed with her political bearings (especially Hillary Clinton) but I think it demonstrates brilliant career strategy. Oprah entered the air-waves as the non-threatening, over-weight, asexual talk show host who was charming and fun to listen to. Over the years she has become a swan and one of the best dressed and impecably styled women, really, in the World. Not only that she, has challenged her international audience to address such pressing humanitarian issues as genocide, war, and inequalities in our own back yard. Now that she is her own corporation and has amassed a huge fortune and following, she is using her resources to inspire lasting change.

This is really no different than the legacy of Carnergie, or the Bush family or any other mogul turned behind-the-scenes power player who've used their financial independence as a means of power.

Oprah is a role model for Blacks, for women, and for everyone that believes in the ability of one resillient soul to change the world.

She is fly!

More to come on the speech. I'll post it when I find it on-line.

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