Read Smoke!

Read Smoke!
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Thursday, February 28, 2008


Toni Braxton, you look crazy!
Toni appeared on the red carpet at the Woman's Day Red Dress Art in this pop-art tragedy. Andy Warhol is turning in his grave. He never meant for this to happen. Don't you know that when you're a has-been these red carpet appearances are crucial? You can't afford to be looking CRAZY in the press. Please take some time to clear your head and re-evaluate your image. Thanks.

Kelly Rowland, you look crazy!!!
I'm sorry, some people weren't meant to be solo artists. I'm not impressed with her sound or her material and to make matters worse, she has proven that in her desperation for attention she will abandon all levels of dignity. This is the fallen songstress at a London club performing in some peacock/call girl get-up. Kelly, your back side is your business. Flashing it won't sell more cd's. Now go home and say a prayer. Thanks.

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