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Read Smoke!
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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fly Alert: Gucci Sevigny High Heel Sandal

In case you missed this ultra-sleek, super sexy black patent 4 1/2 inch Gucci stilleto stealing the spotlight from the lithe model in the omnipresent glossy ad (back cover Vogue and Elle, inside cover In Style Spring Issues)... I want to inform you. This shoe is fierce. Fierce on top of fierce. The clean, geometric design is new. It's the bold, unstrappy sandle, with an audacious heel that will help its wearer reach new heights, literally, in style. This will usher in a new, though possibly short lived era, of sandle design. I love that the ankle strap hugs the ankle right at the top so that it won't truncate the leg. Available at Saks (pre-order) for $695.

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