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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Alexyss Tyler Speaks on Attracting a Man Who Wants More Than Your Body

Because she delivers her gospel of "vagina power" and the "spirituality of the womb" in the vernacular some may underestimate the validity of her message. Regardless of these hopelessly myopic individuals, if she were to articulate her theory in a dissertation, it would be touted as genius post-modernist feminism. Atlanta Public Access TV host and internet sensation Alexyss Tyler is on a mission to save Black women from the mental and physical devastation of barren relationships and sexual promiscuity. In an age where Black women are sexualized in the public eye and neglected privately, in an age where HIV is killing us faster than any other population, in an age of where women are being left to raise their children alone and yet ironically we believe that we have advanced so much as a race... Alexyss Tyler is a noble, if lonely, voice. Many insult her, in particular Black men who call themselves leaders, but the truth is that they are afraid of her honesty because it forces us to self-criticize, to examine the issues within our own community, to abandon the victim ideology, and to heal ourselves.

In this particular video she responds to the question of how an individual goes about dating and seeking a relationship if they are unwilling to have sex early on. In our microwave society where everyone is predisposed to instant gratification, particularly men, she nails this question. Women really do need to reach an elevated level of consciousness in which they are so content with their selves, so willing to acknowledge their innate divinity, that they are never "lonely" seeking to fill some void. When we attain the substance we seek in a partner for oureslves, on a spiritual/psychological level, we will inevitably attract that. My mother always said, "The moment you stop looking you'll find him." Hell, a lot of our mothers said that. This is what she was unknowingly explaining. When we seek relationships from a place of shallowness, we attract shallow people with shallow intentions. The universe is governed by this law of attraction.

Preach Alexyss Preach!

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