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Read Smoke!
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Friday, December 4, 2009



First, please excuse the drama and extranesss in the title.

I started this blog during my senior year in college. That was in 2007. I'm a television reporter now, I've since transformed from a northeastern metropolitan diva to an honorary southern belle, and I'm wrapping my first literary project (published in 2010, hope so). So... I really don't have time to be an ardent blogger of style, sass and class.

But I really want to!

What I loved best was being able to blog about cute little styling tips and beauty tricks that don't cost a bundle, but can make a woman feel and look like a million bucks. Well, as a young tv personality, whose fame far outweighs her paycheck, I've stumbled on so much stuff I can share with you all. This blog is calling me back. And here we are, a year after I called it quits, and people still visit it regularly--- and leave comments.

So I say this all to say-- I think I'm breaking my hiatus, just in time for the New Year. But don't expect crazy, crazy posts. A sister has a full time job. A literarybaby on the way. And another blog that I sometimes do (Noni Jones in Harlem).

Cheers-- to new posts,

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