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Saturday, December 5, 2009

10 Ways To Wear a Cardigan (as Shown by Michelle Obama)

Good afternoon Divas,

She's giving us style. She's giving us grace. And Michelle O has also given us a new-fangled fascination with the 'statement' cardigan. Not just your run of the mill, blah, twin set but fabulous cardigans--- with ruffles, embellishment, bold colors, and ornate buttons. Michelle can work a cardigan so ingeniously that when worn on different occasions you might not even recognize the wardrobe repeat. Well, perhaps the constant scrutiny forces her to be that much more creative, but for us divas on a budget-- we can learn a thing or two. A few quality cardigans can add an infinite possibilities to a divas wardrobe.

Let's have a look see.

1. Classic- Partially buttoned and worn over a shell. That was the only way to debut this gorgeous J.Crew Cardigan in London.

2. Open- Unbuttoned, over a blouse or a dress, you can be open and ready for anything. Michelle has her jeans on and sleeves rolled up as she spends time with some school kids.

3. 'Brooched'-- Michelle has an affinity with brooches and who can blame her? A new way to wear a broach, clasped at the top of a cardigan. It's quite dainty and it works best with a fabulous pencil skirt, full a-line, or a dress.
4. Belted- When she first started belting her cardigans it was-- avant garde. But now, everyone's doing it! It's a chic, and polished look and I think it's wonderful for women who share Mrs. O's pear shape, small waiste and fuller bottom half. It accentuates a fantastic upper body.

5. 'Bowed'- Michelle uses the cardigan to accentuate a bow detail. She's done this look with a few shirts too.

6. Preppy- This look is not just for Carlton Banks. Whether at an outdoor fette or walking to class on campus, this is another marvelous way to 'wear' a cardigan.

7. Sashed- Michelle appears at church wearing a dress and cardigan with a sash around her waist. This more formal look can also be done with a skirt.

8. Ruffled- Michelle shows that ruffled shirts and cardigans are a match made in heaven!
9. Collared- Such a smart look, a great cardigan over a crisp collared shirt, with a belt around the waiste. I love this look for work. I especially love how Michelle exposes the sleeves cuffs.

10. Monochramatic Mix-Up- Mom definitely said that stripes don't go with florals, but with the right monochromatic twin set, Michelle shows that-- maybe they do.
11. (BONUS) Faux Three Piece Suit- A cardigan worn over a collared blouse and under a blazer, with a belt-- love it.

With flyness and funk,


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