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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Patent 5676977: The HIV/AIDS CURE???

AIDS, a disease that since its 1979 appearance has lethally exposed the socioeconomic inequalities of society, has had a patented cure for over decade. Patent number 5676977 describes a method for disabling the retrovirus with the use of inected tetrasilver tetroxide. This is the formal patent:

Method of curing AIDS with tetrasilver tetroxide
molecular crystal devices
Document Type and Number:
United States
Patent 5676977
The diamagnetic
semiconducting molecular crystal tetrasilver tetroxide (Ag4 O4) is utilized for
destroying the AIDS virus, destroying AIDS synergistic pathogens and immunity
suppressing moieties (ISM) in humans.
A single intravenous injection of the
devices is all that is required for efficacy at levels of about 40 PPM of human
blood. The device molecular crystal contains two mono and two trivalent silver
ions capable of "firing" electrons capable of electrocuting the AIDS virus,
pathogens and ISM. When administered into the bloodstream, the device electrons
will be triggered by pathogens, a proliferating virus and ISM, and when fired
will simultaneously trigger a redox chelation mechanism resulting in divalent
silver moieties which chelate and bind active sites of the entities destroying
them. The devices are completely non-toxic. However, they put stress on the
liver causing hepatomegaly, but there is no loss of liver function.

I will venture to say that not only is the HIV/AIDS Virus engineered to disproportionately affect people of color, but I believe the cure is being suppressed. This treatment has been ignored by government, the CDC, and all other global health organizations. It has never garnared attention from media outlets. Even if it doesn't work, why were we never even informed about the idea and perhaps subsequent tests? Why were never informed about the successful treatments that the creators of the patent performed on 5 Honduran AIDS patients who were in terminal condition? We are always kept abreast about success encountered in the treatment of cancer. Why was this so discretely swept under the rug?

Instead we are presented with a money generating, FDA approved cocktail and are told to be grateful. Millions of people in the poorest inner cities and countries of the world are living with death sentences. Many people will not have the money for treatment. Millions of men will enter the criminal justice system and contract it there. Women in chauvinistic societies will be raped or forced to have unprotected sex. Women will unknowingly contract it from their partners. Babies will be born to AIDS mothers. And let us please not forget that the fastest growing demographic to contract the virus are AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

We have a responsibility to take care of ourselves by using protection, good judgement and education. We have that responsibility to protect our bodies, our temples. But we also have a responsibility to educate our sisters in this country and in the diaspora. We are their keepers too. And now that we know that there could be a cure, this responsibility really should be taken one mighty step forward. We need to demand the implementation of medical trials that may ultimately lead to the release of this treatment as a viable cure. People point to drugs as the number one menace to the black community. They look at the criminal justice system, the school system inequalities, and the media. And while our problems certainly can't be examined in isolation, at the end of the day we can keep young brothers educated and off the streets with community effort. We can take back our sons. We can boycott channels that don't serve us. We can pool money and biuld our own charter schools. But AIDS... is almost inescapable. Where as psychological war fare has been wielded against Blacks since the beginning of chattle slavery, this pandemic is killing our bodies, not just our minds. It is time to organize politically and perhaps economically, and demand that the course for a cure be treked because it is primarily our sisters and brothers who suffer.


This a tape of Dr. Boyd Graves discussing the origins and cure for the disease. I can't believe that as I write this, only 800 have viewed this. Let's change that.


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