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Read Smoke!
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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Reflections on the Obama nomination

Good evening divas,

I'm so happy to be back! Finally, I received my freedom papers from Yale University, and I'm laying low for the moment, trying to catch up on some much needed sleep and sanity. During my hiatus however, I decided that FFD needs some spice (as it already has then sugar). So I will be featuring a mini-broadcast every few days as a visual extension of my written blog. I'd ideally like for this to be interactive so if you have a topic or particular question that you'd like me to address, please send to the offical FFD email address:

My first webcast is a reflection on Sen. Obama's victory. "Is America ready for a Black president?" This question is becoming a bit redundant. I believe that perhaps not all of America is ready, but enough Americans are. And we are definitely over due for a GOOD president that can repair the American reputation abroad and the enact solutons for the economic, health care, and energy crisises at home.

Flyness and funk


PS: I apologize in advance, the audio at the very end is problematic.

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Ananda said...

hey sistalove. i got ready to watch the video and then it was gone. will you repost it?
congratulations on graduating. many blessings, ananda