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Read Smoke!
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Love Poem for Spring

Spring... Earth's renaissance, a season for growth and renewal, a season for love, for perfumes that sing high pitched notes of jasmine, bergamot, and rose, for being woken by bird songs and the sun beating at your window pain, for taking time to smell the flowers as they stretch open and yawn, and a time to thank God for the beauty in nature and the glory that is life.

And because spring, for me, is the season of romance, here is a poem by Nazir Qabbani, an incredible Arab poet noted for his love poems. It captures the spirit of things.

On Entering the Sea

Love happened at last,
And we entered God's paradise,
SlidingUnder the skin of the water
Like fish.
We saw the precious pearls of the sea
And were amazed.
Love happened at last
Without intimidation…with symmetry of wish.
So I gave…and you gave
And we were fair.
It happened with marvelous ease
Like writing with jasmine water,
Like a spring flowing from the ground.

-Nizar Qabbani, translated by B. Frangieh

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