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Read Smoke!
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fly Funky Diva Joins Essence Ad Network

Afternoon Divas,

I thought I'd share the good news. Fly Funky Diva has been accpeted into Essence Magazine's exclusive ad-network. This is my first major sponsor and I'm thrilled to be affilliated with a brand name that has provided women of color with a voice and commendable literature for decades. Of course I almost blew it, as I hadn't been checking my FFD account. Last night I logged in and found a flurry of emails in response to my "Stuff Educated Black Women Like" post (go figure) and two requests from Essence magazine for me to apply. Yehp, they'd even sent a follow up. So I completed the application last night, praying it wasn't too late, and I heard back from them early this morning. Terrific! This will also mean that my blog will be publicized on the website and I will have the opportunity for publication on or even the magazine.

In the mean time, I'm getting my thoughts together about my weekened escapade in NYC with my sista girl from way back. It's time to talk about personal voids, and the danger of letting a man fill them. Watch out for it!

Flyness and funk,



Koni said...

Congrats! I love your blog! If you want, you can check out mine at

Ananda said...

This is a wonderful blessing.