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Read Smoke!
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Friday, February 5, 2010

A Lady Sings The Blues

A Lady Sings the Blues

I don’t wear
A gardenia in my hair.
But baby,
I sing the blues.
Thank you, dear, for this heartache.
And a special thanks for my new attitude.

When you first laid eyes on me
You were like Billie Dee
(And I Miss Ross)
Swooning for your dizzy charms.
So thank you for that sweet gesture.
(short and sweet)
And thank you very much for my song.

How could I ever resist,
Your honey suckle kiss,
Tumbling down my bare spine?
(You know I loved it when you kissed me there)
Baby, thank you for those tears I cried.
And thank you for the bitter wine.

Good morning heartache Hear I go again Good morning heartache
Can’t no other song spin.

Me and Billy got this thing
And it’s more than the swing
that I do when I hear her croon.
“I cried for you” She sings!
And baby,
I cry for you.

Finally someone gave me something to pout about,
Something to shout about
Something to wail out loud about!

You put the b flat
In my tune
So thank you for the heartache,
Yes, I thank you for the heartache!
I said, I love you for the heartache!
And a special thanks for my new attitude.

Can’t you hear me singing the blues?
All of me
Singing the blues,
Why not take all of me
Singing the blues?
Can’t you see
I’m no good without you…?

copyright 2008

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Sistahs After God's Heart said...

This is beautiful! Very eloquent and lyrical.