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Read Smoke!
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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cheerleading Dad Commercial--

This PSA commercial by warms my heart. Not only does it remind me of my own father, but this is a slick way of articulating what it is to be a 'dad' and really a 'man'. And to my SINGLE DIVAS-- this should be the standard for selecting our future husbands.


Ellington 51 said...

LOVE IT. It's funny at first, but then the deeper implications of seeing a BLACK MAN laying aside delusional masculinity to be a FATHER to his daughter ... it's GREAT.

Samador said...

I would have to agree with Ellington_51 and could not have said it better. When I first saw this ad, I wasn't sure what they were trying to sell so I was pleased when I realized it was a PSA. Indeed it was sweet & deep!

Anonymous said...

From The very first time That i watched this ad I enjoyed, laughed And felt That We Are going in The right direction as a society. The manicure ad it rocks 2. Men let's put aside the so called roles and enjoy The life with our sons And daughters as well as with our little children around our lives.
Jose Riquelme
So. America.