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Thursday, May 1, 2008

FFD Update... Hold on one more week!

Hi luvies,

Or maybe you hate me by now! I'm sorry this blog looks horribly bleak and outdated but I'm at Yale burning some serious midnight oil, downing gallons of caffeine, trying to forge the final mile before graduation. I can taste it. Please be patient and tune in NEXT FRIDAY for regular posting! In the meantime, food for thought:

On Sean Bell: Why has no presidential candidate spoken up about police brutality, the mischevious grand child of slavery if you ask me? I'm more than dissapointed. We can no longer continue to sweep this issue under the mat. This injustice has been a key demand in every major Black activist movement in this country's history. The Black Panthers, The Nation of Islam, the riots that exploded through Black inner cities in the late sixties... all of these volatile instances of African-American activism were fueled partially by police brutality. And still we contend with it. Black men should not have to fear cops. They should not have to worry that if they hesitate for a second when a white sheriff pulls them over they could be murdered. Is the role of the police force to impose order and protect the civilians or to effect martial law in inner cities and intimidate African-Americans. There is always a problem that erupts when one's authority outweighs their power in society.

On Beyonce:

Dear Beyonce,
I am happy that you are finally in wedded bliss to the man of your dreams. Love is a beautiful thing, isn't it? But can we at least get one picture of the dress? You're Beyonce for heavens sake. Divas every where are craving to see what you wore.
Fly Funky Diva

(By the way, this is what I'd bet it looked like.)

On Reverend Wright: Forget the kitchen sink. Obama is dodging the sink, the chandelier, the microwave and the rolled up linoleum floor. This is a man who has done his best to take the high road and transcend politics as usual and it seems as if the American public wants to see him be a politician. In case you were wondering, the day that Obama publicly denounced Wright was the day that he became a true politician. He made a moral sacrifice for the sake of his campaign.
Truth be told, Wright has said very little that I disagree with. My point of contention with him is his timing. Obama is struggling right now and primarily because Miss Clinton has managed to conflate the terms of their relationship. The reverend is an intelligent man. Why would he allow himself to be bated into a media tour now? That was a trap. Couldn't he see that was sabotage?No, I don' t mind what he has to say. I have a ton of respect for his rhetoric and dedication to the community. He is a heroe. But there are many Americans who will not understand or empathize with Wrights beliefs no matter how he phrases it. To many Americans, the Black church is an intimidating enigma, despite the fact that it developed under the necessities of segregation.

This Wright issue has kept him Obama on the defense for far too long, preventing him from being able to address more pressing issues, in particular to Americans in key upcoming primary states like Indiana. It is a shame that Americans will blame a man for another man's words. Why should I have to explain the beliefs that come from another mans mouth? These politics of association are a dirty way to play the game.
On Warren Jeff's Sect: Anyone else find it humorous that at the center of this whole controversy is a Black (possibly Crazy) woman?
On Bush: Congress did not ruin the economy, you're war did. And no, a 300-1200 dollar income tax return will not remedy America's recession. Save. Save. Save.
On Gas: How high will it go?

'Till next week, good luck and God Speed.

Flyness and Funk,

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Ananda said...

Thanks for the post. Best wishes with your senior projects. Happy Early Graduation!